Daily Journal

Welcome to the production website for "A Trip to Granny's," soon to become a short animated film. Here in the journal we make daily progress reports about the project, which will be animated by March 15, 2002 (fingers crossed). Updates by Aaron are red, and Chris' are blue. Hope you're not colorblind.


I can't believe its been a month since we last updated this site. I could write a small novel about our trials and tribulations, but instead here's a summary: 26 shots are completely animated & rendered. The character rigs have been reworked many times and morph targets for facial expressions have been created. In 2 days we'll know if our project has been approved for class next quarter--if so we'll have 10 weeks to texture, finalize animation, and render!


We have been really working hard and neglected this journal a bit. To see the latest, just take a look in the 3D Renders section. I have been working on the kid, he's coming along nicely, needs a lot of point tweaking in the face, but the geometry's all there.


Modeling...is...almost...done! Just a few more little objects and tweaks, then we start he characters.

Oh it's been a long weekend; we have both been modeling like crazy. Check out the latest in the 3D Renders section.


Tonight I modeled the knocker from Shot05. It needs to be fairly detailed as it has its own CU. It's close, but unfinished, the teeth are to detailed, it should be a 1 piece mold, that always makes modeling interesting.

Started modeling the twisted tree beside the house, and worked on exreme details for the proch and front door, which will be shot close up


We have been working all weekend modeling props and scenes. We decided to make an attempt to model all non-deforming scenes and props by next monday. This weekend I modeled the TV, end table, wall table, and old radio 01. We will be posting models as we complete them, along with some works in progress, in the 3D Renders section.

Continued modeling the facade and front porch of Granny's house.


Today was filled with planning and website updates. You may now view our Shot List and Final Storyboards!

I worked on the textual version of the shot list, writing new descriptions for shots we had added in the animatic. This shot list is a beast, it's taking us all day. I still have to add in the shot durations, I'm halfway through now, but I am having trouble keeping my eyes open.


We recorded some new audio for the animatic and worked on the shot list some more. I layered the final shot in AE and redrew the child's expression.

OK, the animatic is really finished this time...and we're proud of it. After getting suggestions from friends we have fixed all of the holes/ambiguities. Drew another 8 storyboards, and modeled some object for the 3D animatic.


Worked for a while on the 3D animatic. Rendered out the 2D and posted it on the Media Page. (finally..) I also worked on the shot list for a while, and played with the settings for optimal encodes of the animatic.

Drew additional storyboards and worked out kinks in the animatic. Played around encoding the animatic in different formats.


Well, it's 7:15am the morning of the 15th. Another night spent on the 2D animatic. We recorded the final sounds and filled/redrew a few holes. It's finally finished! And can soon be found here.

I also did some more work on modeling for the 3D animatic, which should be completed later this week.


New noise for shot 40?? Let's consider combining the following shots: 37 & 38, 43 & 44 & 45. Lengthen shot 10??

Modeled low res objects for the 3D animatic. We are almost done working on the 2D animatic.


After deciding upon the final version of our story with Chris, I drew thumbnails of all shots/storyboards to be added. I finished a bunch of new boards then scanned them. We began the long task or reorganizing the directory structure for the project. Previously all boards were located in the '/storyboards/##' folder, but this was becoming a mess of numbers as we worked. The new structure '/storyboards/shot/##' will allow us to rename/insert/delete individual boards with ease. After this was complete I fought with Premiere for a couple hours and got the animatic finished.

I sculpted a larger bust of the child today, and spent a few hours modeling low res models for the animatic. It's actually 7:36am the morning of the 13th, we worked all night creating a new animatic. This involved drawing/conceiving of as many as 12 new shots, we also recorded new sound. Props to Aaron for suffering through a few hours at the helm of the worst editing app ever, to complete the job.


Created multilatyer detail shots of Shot01 and the "Slugz Intro"for the animatic in AE. Sketched some facial expressions for the child and grandmother. Sculpted a distraught/afraid study of the child character. Still working on cutting down the story. Thanks to B. Wible for helping us sew this thing back togeather after we cut a third out due to time constraints..

Applied gesso to maquette, then sanded down and painted. Created production website from scratch and worked on animatic. Discussed possible story alterations with Becky Wible today.


Finished a few preliminary sculpts of the child, as well as a larger study of the grandmother. Transcribed original written shot list to a text document.

Finished sculpting maquette of Grandma. Created and organized directory structures for LW content, production website, and preproduction content. Complteted 7 additional storyboards of detailed shot breakdowns. Captured raw audio from DAT tape using ProTools, normalized, and edited out unwanted portions. Audio is ready to add to our production.


Completely finished redrawing all original marker storyboards. The new boards are tweaked and shaded, I also added some new shots and motion tweens to make complex scenes more understandable. See our storyboards section.

Did some character sketches and created an early character sheet. Also did 2 concept drawings of the evil robot.